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The 3D team at G8Visuals has visualized everything from a two dollar protein bar wrapper to high end luxury real estate developments around the world....and pretty much everything in between.

We've rendered countless single family homes inside and out, assisted with animations on patent infringement cases and provided a compression sports-ware company with renderings that have supported their effort from inception to now having products in every Walmart in the United States.

Our skill set is photo realistic visualization. Our passion is using that skill set to tell the story that helps you WIN.
Greg Hoeflicker, owner of G8Visuals has been a fixture in the industry of 3D Visualization since the early mid 1990s.

Combined with a solid work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, he as developed G8Visuals into being a global interdisciplinary 3d visualization studio.

Our primary mission is to aid other visionaries by helping them take first step in bringing their plans to life:showing those plans as if their creation were alive today.   

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